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Services Offered by Our Certified Access Specialists:

Design Consultation
Our team helps architects, engineers and property owners create designs that meet all applicable accessibility standards. Whether the requirements come from state or federal sources, our experts know both the regulations and the agencies enforcing them. We help successfully navigate through the maze of these provisions. Design related services extend from schematic design all the way through construction.   

Construction Consultation
Our team's unique blend of technical and practical construction knowledge provides critical information upfront to the construction team so that their work can proceed without costly knowledge mistakes. Our services include review of all contractor and supplier submittals for related products, contractor designs and requests for information. We also provide both onsite and offsite inspections at important intervals and completion of the work.  

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Consultation
We help public and private owners of existing buildings and facilities to meet their obligations under the ADA to remove barriers to persons with disabilities. Our services include evaluation of existing buildings, facilities and programs for barriers, creation of transition and implementation plans, related design and construction consultation and consultation with the general public and community of persons with disabilities for project input and support.  

CASp Services for California Cities and Counties
Since July 1, 2010, state law requires local agencies to employ or retain at least one certified access specialist (CASp). Commencing January 1, 2014, state law will require local agencies to employ or retain a sufficient number of CASps to perform their plan check and inspection duties on places of public accommodations. VCA Code maintains accomplished ADA accessibility experts with CASp certification on staff to assist local governments in meeting these requirements. To further assist, we also offer accessibility training for local agency staff.

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