Whether on a job site, working at your public counter, or outsourced to our offices in Orange and Oakland, VCA provides high quality and effective plan check services.  

We Employ Technically Strong Licensed Plan Check Engineers and ICC Certified Examiners for Your Plan Review

Our Full Spectrum of Quality Plan Review Services Includes

  • Full Building Plan Review
  • Expedited Services
  • Outsourced Plan Review
  • OSHPD-3, Drainage, Soils
  • Electronic Plan Review
  • ADA, CalGreen, LEED Services
  • Counter Services
  • Geotechnical, Liquefaction

Our Approach
VCA serves as an extension of your jurisdiction’s staff and processes, which benefits your applicants through outstanding customer service in a manner your community expects and deserves. Equally important is our open and effective communication, coupled with a strong commitment to meeting deadlines. VCA has developed a stellar reputation for effectively articulating our knowledge of the codes in layman’s terms, helping your staff and community.

Scope of Work
VCA provides an exceptional level of service through a dedicated and responsive manager who oversees our talented team of in-house plan checkers. Bob Heinrich, CBO/Sr. Vice President will take full responsibility for your city’s Scope of Work regarding all plan review activities.

No project is too small or too complex. Meeting your city’s goals and achieving your General Plan benefits your community for now…and for later. At VCA we have conducted thousands of plan reviews for residential, commercial, industrial and government projects.

  • Residential: new single and multi-family residences, ADU’s, affordable housing projects, and mixed-use projects, including podiums and wraps, as well as traditional remodels, room additions, horse facilities, pools, basements, and bomb shelters.
  • Commercial and Industrial: new structures, hotels, mall expansions, restaurants, fitness centers, automobile dealerships, cannabis, TI’s, tourist attractions, office buildings for the Department of Social Services.
  • Government: community centers, libraries, student centers, performing arts centers, as well as reservoirs.
  • Medical Field: Orange County Health Care Facility, dialysis treatment facility, health clinics, and drug rehabilitation centers.

VCA provides a high level of technical expertise to serve
our customers and the community.   

Customer Service – Outsourced and Counter Plan Check
As workloads increase additional resources are needed, VCA possesses the bandwidth to assist in meeting deadlines and turn-around times. And VCA has plan checkers to work the public counter as-needed to help you meet deadlines.

Digital Plan Review
VCA invests in technology and promotes efficiency to save time and money. Our plans examiners are experts at electronic plan check. VCA is well-versed using Blue Beam and other ePlan software. VCA will learn and utilize your software.

Code Compliance
VCA and our plan checkers shall comply with the most current adopted versions of the all relevant State and Federal laws and adhere to your ordinances. Compliance includes the CBC, CMC, CPC, CEC, and Energy and Green Building Codes.

Examples of Technical Plan Review

Affordable Housing
Description:               Mixed-use: 5-story, 72-unit apartment complex with commercial space,
Services Provided:   Full review for architectural, structural, MEP, energy, life safety, ADA, CalGreen
Project Data:             210,390 s.f.
Approved Budget:    $11.4 Million

New Public Library and Cultural Arts Center
Description:               Construction of a new Community Center and Performing Arts Center.
Services Provided:   Full plan review including Architectural, Structural, MEP, Energy fire and grading
Project Data:             13,900 s.f.
Approved Budget:    $1,534,890 Million

New Hotel – Le Meridian
Description:               New hotel with 227 rooms. 3 buildings and conference, ballrooms, restaurant.
Services Provided:   VCA conducted the complete plan review
Project Data:             169,679 s.f.
Approved Budget:    $21 Million

La Peer Commercial Building
Description:               Construction of new 4-story commercial building including deck, basement and                                                                        subterranean parking.
Services Provided:   Plan review of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing
Project Data:             80,874 s.f.
Valuation:                  $7,941,126