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E-Plan Check Services

Is Your City Focused on Developing Sustainable Processes?

The VCA E-Plan Check Service is a process whereby construction plans for a proposed project are submitted electronically for the purpose of being review by the City to show compliance with planning conditions and City adopted building codes. There is no additional cost to the City.

What is sustainable about submitting plans electronically?

If you think about the overall process, all the paper that is consumed from the initial concept design to the issuing of the building permit, hundreds and hundreds of pages of large formatted documents are transported to achieve compliance. Think about all the green house gas emission that is produced by the various machines and vehicles to meet the needs of the plan review process.

What if we have a process that reduces a large portion of the green house gases and minimizes the amount of paper needed for the project drawings?

This process is called E-Plan Check Service. Today project plans are created in an electronic format and converted into paper. Let's eliminate the paper and go directly to project review.

As part of VCA's service with the City, an electronic plan review process will be offered. With the mutual consent of the City, guidelines for the electronic plan review will be created for the submittal process that meets the current City plan review process. VCA will reach out to the public to educate them with this new process and will be flexible with the implementation of various types of projects. Smaller projects such as small room additions do not benefit from this process and will reviewed using the conventional method. The introduction of E-Plan Review will be gradual and VCA will work with the community to insure satisfaction at all levels.

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