VCA’s Staffing Capabilities are the Best in the Industry With Expert Recruiters Known for Being Extremely Responsive

We Offer a Highly Qualified As-Needed Team to Serve You, Including:

  • ICC Certified Building Officials
  • ICC Plans Examiners
  • Structural Engineers
  • Registered Fire Engineers
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Certified CACEO Code Enforcement Officers
  • Planners: City, Senior, Principal, Associate, Assistant Planners and support staff
  • Licensed Plan Check Engineers
  • ICC Certified Building Inspectors
  • ICC Certified Permit Technicians
  • Disaster Service Workers
  • Administrative Support Staff

Our Approach

Hiring the Best is Our Quest.

When staff augmentation is needed for your jurisdiction, VCA is organized to serve your hiring needs quickly and cost-effectively. At VCA we are continuously working to fill our pipeline of experienced and highly qualified candidates. We present the best personnel to ensure your Scope of Work, for any type of position, is completed based on your city’s goals and objectives.

Having the best people in the right position makes all the difference in the world. VCA brings dedicated recruiting services to provide the support and resources needed to help you complete your projects on time and within budget.

  • Title alone is not enough. It takes hands on experience coupled with a strong knowledge base and ability to connect with stakeholders.
  • The proper “fit” must also be assessed for ultimate success on the job. We can assist by matching the right people based on your unique culture, values, organization, and community needs.
  • The right credentials are also critical, and we encourage and support our employees to “be all they can be” through education and training.
  • Stability and continuity matter when it comes meeting deadlines and promoting integrity for the city. Turn-over is expensive and disruptive, and VCA can help your jurisdiction with a stable group of candidates.

Staffing Capabilities
Our solid track record of finding, hiring, and retaining a stable workforce ensures your city has the right people in the right place to serve your community. Our screening process includes vetting each person through personal face-to-face interviews and requested background checks.

Janet Boydell, a Principal in the company, possesses 25 years of recruiting and staffing experience. Janet is the author of two books about how to identify and hire the best people. She traveled throughout the country teaching senior executives how to think strategically about hiring the absolute best people. All her expertise, techniques, and experience will be utilized for the benefit of your jurisdiction.

VCA’s Janet Boydell is an expert on hiring and staffing and has written two well-regarded books on the subject.

Retained Search
When timing matters and you need help finding ‘the one’ for your city, we’ll conduct a cost-effective retained search for hard to find positions such as building officials, city officials, city engineers, and senior plan check engineers.

Service with a Great Smile
Our employees know they wear two hats…one for the city and one for VCA. They know how to effectively communicate with applicants. They are respectful and understand that layman’s language means a happier and more satisfied applicant.

Code Compliance
Our employees shall comply with the most current adopted versions of the all relevant State and Federal laws and adhere to your ordinances. Compliance includes, but not limited to the CBC, CMC, CPC, CEC, and energy and green building codes.